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1. Enterprise Summary :

Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited is a China professional manufacturer who is being dedicated to the new energy products' R&D, production and sales for years. At present, the company's main products include high power LED street lamp, intelligent solar & wind hybrid controller, off-grid inverter ( include high frequency online inverter and normal frequency inverter ), grid connected inverter, wind generator system , solar system ,different kinds of battery and other new energy products, all of them are located in the domestic leading position of technology . And they can meet different customers' demands in various fields.

Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited has a strong team consisted of highly competent personnel for the R&D, sales and production. Besides, the company applys the advanced production technology and the impeccable detection, measuring and testing quality control equipment. With the accurate measuring & testing technology as well as the perfect ISO9001:2008 quality management system, the company insists on pursuing the products' reliability,practicality and advanced nature as well as continuously seeking for the technical breakthrough and innovation which bring the brand new conception of the product development for us. Currently, our products have passed through such related certifications as CE/EMC, ROHS, TLC, UL and TLC.

Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited adheres to the "people-oriented, pragmatic,dynamic,creative excellence" enterprise culture. In order to provide the high-quality, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally green products to the society, we take soft cultural marketing to display our hard power while focusing on the combination of the company's inner management and external development.

Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited is willing to work with all domestic and overseas friends from various kinds of fields and create our brilliant future together.

2. Corporate Culture :

Corporate culture : People-oriented,upgrade ourselves and integrate people with corporate.

Corporate spiri t: Unite with faith and dedication, being enterprising and practical, innovative and excellent, never give up.

Management philosophy : Gather people with culture, rein humanity with system and make achievement with brand.

Service ideas: Base on excellent quality, listen to customers' demand with heart and manufacture products to customers' satisfaction and reassurance.

Business principles: Concentrating on humanity and environment protection, our products are processed in standardize healthy way to provide customers with green energy. What all we should do is to satisfy the customers and the society.

Business strategies: Take quality as the life of the corporate, and gain more customers with excellent service .

Corporate objectives: Make MRE a large famous energy brand in China with enthusiasm and sincerity.

3. The new energy revolution :

The new energy is based on the new technologies, system development and utilization of renewable energy, such as nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, ocean energy, hydrogen, etc.

The new energy revolution takes the clean energy technology as the core of the energy technology revolution. It mainly includes the clearness of fossil energy development and utilization, nuclear power technology from nuclear fission to nuclear fusion, clean and renewable energy technology development and utilization, the application of energy saving and emission reduction technologies, carbon capture and storage technology, etc. The human energy consumption caused by climate change and the environment issues influence has spreaded far beyond their borders. Only people's concerted efforts can deepen the national energy revolution, combat climate change, improve the ecological environment, realize the human economic and social sustainable development in harmony with nature.

In fact, the country who owns the advancest clean energy technology will lead the global economy in the 21st century. It's known that the first industrial revolution was created by the British. The second electric vaporization revolution was created by the American. The third information industrial revolution was created by the American, too. The fourth industrial revolution will be for new energy. So who is going to lead ? Our country has the ability to seize this opportunity because of our national strength and good manufacturing basis. Our new energy enterprises will be able to catch up with the new energy revoluton. Certainly, we can also play important roles and make our due contribution for the national energy cause. All these witness that the Chinese people will be able to lead the great moment of the fourth new energy revolution.

Products List
Hybrid Controller with Charge Controller Built-in
Grid Connected Inverter
PV On-Grid Single Phase Inverter 3KW,4KW and 5KW
PV On-Grid Inverter 17KW 20KW Three Phases
PV On-Grid Inverter Three Phases 50KW -100KW
Wind Generator
2KW---5KW Wind Generator ( Electronic Yawing System)
10KW---30KW Wind Generator
Wind Butterfly Wind Generator( Vertical Small Wind Turbine System )
City Swallow Wind Generator
1KW Wind King Wind Generator
2KW---3KW Wind King Wind Generator
Dolphin Wind Generator
High Frequency Online UPS
Normal Frequency Online UPS
> controller MPPT
12V24V MPPT controller
48V MPPT controller
96V 120V 192V 240V MPPT controller
> controller PWM
Wind and Solar Hybrid Controller
Off-grid Inverter
Off Grid Inverter Special For Wind And Solar Power
1KW-3KW Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter
4KW-6KW Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter
300W-1500W Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter
2KW-6KW Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Power Inverter
Home UPS ( Inverter ) / Power Inverter

Solar Panel

PV Array Box
Solar Panel
> solar system
1KW 24V off grid solar power system project
2KW 48V off grid solar power system project
3KW 48V off grid solar power system project
5KW 96V off grid solar power system project
10KW 240V off grid solar power system project
20KW 240V off grid solar power system project
500W 24V off grid solar power system projec
Gel Battery
Sealed Lead- Acid Maintenance Free Battery
Deep Cycle Battery
2V Battery for Telecommunication and Electric
Car Battery
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Company name:Shenzhen Modern Renewable Energy Limited

Factory Address: Second Floor ,Building 4, Area D, New lighting Source Industrial Base, South Luocun Road, Luocun Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China..

Website: http://www.sz-mre.com


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Sales Line :
Mobile(Siemy He): 86-13288255097 / 18219057756
Mobile( Sunny Chen ): 86-15986172623

Complaints Department Direct Line:
Mobile(Ms. He): 86-18219057756


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